This is the photoshoot for Madonna's second remix album Remixed & Revisited. The photos were taken by Regan Cameron. The photos were also used in Madonna's GAP and her single covers for Love Profusion and Nothing Fails.


Album cover

Singles | Photoshoots

"Nothing Fails"
(Nevins mix)
"Love Profusion"
(Headcleanr Rock mix)

"'Nobody Knows Me"
(Mount Sims Old School mix)
"American Life"
(Headcleanr Rock mix)

"Like a Virgin"/"Hollywood Medley"
(2003 MTV VMA Performance featuring Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Missy Elliott)
"Into the Hollywood Groove"
(The Passengerz mix) (feat. Missy Elliott)

"Your Honesty"