Bad Girl Madonna
"Bad Girl"
Released February 22, 1993
Length 5:23 (Album Version)
4:38 (Single Version)
Writer(s) Madonna
Shep Pettibone
Anthony Shimkin
Producer(s) Madonna
Shep Pettibone

Erotica+2+(2) track listing

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Where Life Begins
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"Bad Girl" is the third single off Madonna's fifth studio album Erotica.


"Bad Girl" is a dramatic ballad with a serious subject. The song refers to a woman who does not find a place in society and because of this is lost in alcohol and snuff, the theme was from the beginning something that Madonna wanted to include in its then new album. Besides "Bad Girl" has been declared one of the best music videos of Madonna videography.


The song uses instruments like pianos and keyboards and Madonna sings in a deeper tone than the other songs off Erotica.

Music Video

Music Video Information
Madonna - Bad Girl (Video)06:08

Madonna - Bad Girl (Video)

Released Unknown
Length 6:07
Director David Fincher
Production Co Oliver Fuselier
Choreographer N/A
Filmed January 12-18, 1993
Location New York City
VEVO views 2+ Millon Views


Something's missing and I don't know why
I always feel the need to hide my feelings from you
Is it me or you that I'm afraid of
I tell myself I'll show you what I'm made of
Can't bring myself to let you go

I don't want to cause you any pain
But I love you just the same
And you'll always be my baby
In my heart I know we've come apart
And I don't know where to start
What can I do, I don't wanna feel blue

Bad girl drunk by six
Kissing someone else's lips
Smoked too many cigarettes today
I'm not happy when I act this way

Bad girl drunk by six
Kissing some kind stranger's lips
Smoked too many cigarettes today
I'm not happy, I'm not happy

Something's happened and I can't go back
I fall apart every time you hand your heart out to me
What happens now, I know I don't deserve you
I wonder how I'm ever gonna hurt you
Can't bring myself to let you go

This way

I'm not happy this way

This way

I'm not happy this way
Kissing some kind stranger's lips


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